How to build a bottom drain for your pond

Greg Bickal and Koi Bowl

If you are trying to learn how to build a bottom drain on your pond, check out this resource that I found.

This is Greg Bickal who has a koi farm in Toddville, Iowa. Greg has been breeding koi since 1999, and is a sought after pond consultant in the Mid-West.

Greg has put together a terrific CD that contains very useful information such as:

  • How to install a Pipe Boot, newly added VIDEO DEMONSTRATION.
  • How you can build a Bottom Drain on a pre-existing pond.
  • How to add a Bottom Drain during new pond construction.
  • How to build an in-ground filter using pond liner.
  • How to build an Indoor Pond.
  • How to build a Settling Chamber.
  • How to build a Ultra-violet Clarifier.
  • How to build a Pond Vaccuum.
  • How to build a Extension Handle for a gate valve.
  • How to build an arched bridge.
  • Plus much much more...

Greg's CD is full of pictures and videos that will teach you how to save money on your next pond project. Greg is one of the most resourceful pond builders I have ever seen. He has crazy good ideas.

Here is a sample of the information you can expect to learn from Greg's CD.

How to install a bottom drain in a pond

If you ever wanted to build an indoor koi house, Greg can show you how he built his to help his koi weather the winters in Iowa.

I also got some great ideas from him on how to build an above ground koi pond.

I purchased this DIY pond building information from Greg, and I will tell you that it is well worth the small price he asks for it. I have learned from him and will implement some of his best ideas on how to build a bottom drain on my next pond project.

This guy is the real deal. If you are looking for do-it-yourself information complete with step-by-step pictures, look no futher - you have found what you are looking for.

I highly recommend this valuable useful information.

Find out more about Greg's CD Now.

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