Preformed Garden Ponds

Preformed Garden ponds can be a good option for a small space, however preformed ponds are somewhat limited in size. The main advantage to a preformed pond is that it is relatively easy to install. Once you have your location figured out, all you have to do is dig a shallow hole and put it in. Or, you don’t even have to dig a hole. You can just put a plastic pond on the ground, and then put landscaping around it. However, plastic ponds can be unstable when filled with water. My recommendation is to put plastic garden ponds in a hole in the ground or surround it with landscape timbers for support. If you put it in a hole, the edges of the hole will help stabilize the pond when it is full of water.

Preformed Garden Ponds

Disadvantages of preformed garden ponds

The main disadvantage to garden pond kits is that they are limited in size and they can be hard to get level. A preformed pond liner usually doesn’t hold more than 100 gallons, and it is not usually deep enough for koi fish. Some plants require deeper water than you would have with these premolded pond kits, and fish are usually very nervous in a pond that is too shallow (think predators).

If you don’t think you have predators in your back yard, think again. The minute you put water in anything, all kinds of wild life will show up. We had herons, and snakes, and frogs, and other critters show up after our pond was filled with water.

Preformed Garden Pond with Rock Landscaping

These smaller preformed pond liners can be a good option for a secondary pond, or for a waterfall to flow into before it flows into the main pond. We used a preformed pond to build a secondary pond. Our filter flowed into the preformed pond, and then into the main pond making a nice two-tiered water fountain. In fact, we added the preformed pond after the main pond was built.

At home depot, you can find fiberglass ponds and preformed plastic ponds made of rigid PVC pond liner. Many of these come as pond kits complete with the preformed plastic pond, the filter, and pump and everything you need to set it up. In some cases, you can find large preformed garden ponds, but these are often hard to level. If you are going for large, probably better to go with a flexible pond liner.

A pond kit is a good option for the first-time ponder. It will give you an opportunity to have a pond quickly, and give you an opportunity to learn about what works and does not work. You can always incorporate one of these preformed ponds into a larger pond later.

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